Alyssa Kok’s All Chopin Fortepiano Concert in Italy

ITALY, Pistoia | 23 October 2022 ~

Following her initial success, Alyssa Kok was invited back for a highly anticipated second performance on an original Carl Bowitz piano from around 1825. This time, the event featured an all-Chopin program, drawing a significant turnout of enthusiastic audience members. Alyssa’s performance resonated deeply with the audience, resulting in enthusiastic standing ovations and requests for encores. A long queue of appreciative attendees stayed behind to express their joy and gratitude and engage in conversations with Alyssa and a spontaneous group of approximately 15 individuals remained after the concert, displaying a keen interest in learning more about this remarkable period instrument. In response to their curiosity, the organizer provided an impromptu presentation, educating the group on the unique qualities and historical significance of this instrument. The recital which began at 16:30 and scheduled for one and a half hours, ultimately finished when the last attendees left at 21:30.

The invitation for a return performance demonstrated the recognition and appreciation for her musical abilities and her charisma to draw crowds to her recital.