Alyssa Kok Plays for Christians Against Poverty, New Zealand

NEW ZEALAND, Christchurch | 15 September, 6.30 pm ~

Experience Chopin’s enchanting melodies as pianist and composer Alyssa Kok debuts in Christchurch, New Zealand. Join us on September 15th at 6:30 pm for ‘An Evening with Chopin,’ a piano recital featuring the accomplished Alyssa Kok, who has earned over 30 international piano awards and achieved a Master of Arts by the age of 20. Your ticket purchase serves as a direct lifeline, offering assistance and hope to fellow New Zealanders facing challenging times. Through this partnership, you’ll make a meaningful impact, as all proceeds will support those in need through Christians Against Poverty. Immerse yourself in Chopin’s romantic compositions, while sharing your love for fellow New Zealanders and contributing to a better world.

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