A Surprise Sals Performance in Winnipeg, Canada

CANADA, Winnipeg | 17 July 2022 ~

On July 17, 2022, Alyssa Kok was invited to a distinguished luncheon held in Winnipeg, Canada at The Sals restaurant chain with the sponsors and key individuals who had invited Alyssa for her Canadian Tour 2022.

The Owner of the restaurant proudly displayed his remarkable collection of music instruments, including the first electric guitar belonging to Randy Bachman, a great Canadian guitarist and song writer as well as a collector’s piano with a remarkable history dating back to 1891. This piano held a special place in the owner’s heart, as he had acquired it ten years prior and meticulously preserved its original charm.

Alyssa was invited to perform on this exquisite instrument, making her the first person in a decade to play its keys. Her music moved those present to tears, including the owner himself, who was deeply touched by the power of Alyssa’s music.

This unique luncheon left a great impression on Alyssa and her hosts.