Alyssa Kok’s Recital in Swift Current, Canada

Canada, Swift Current | 18 July 2022 –

On July 18, 2022, The Bentley in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, experienced the brilliance of Alyssa Kok’s upbeat and extraordinary solo piano recital. The audience, comprising retired residents and their families, were deeply moved by her performance, resulting in a resounding standing ovation that resonated throughout the venue. Alyssa’s dedication to making the world a better place was met with overwhelming support from the audience, who generously contributed to her cause.

The recital’s proceeds were dedicated to supporting the Teenage Girls Emergency and Crisis Shelter of Emunah Israel, one of the largest humanitarian organisations serving the people of Israel.

The recital showcased Alyssa Kok’s desire to make an impact in the world as well as the compassionate spirit of the audience, as they actively participated in creating positive change.