Alyssa Kok’s All-Chopin New Zealand Debut Piano Recital

NEW ZEALAND, Christchurch | 15 September 2023 ~

Alyssa Kok expresses deep gratitude to all attendees of her All-Chopin debut piano recital in New Zealand, “An Evening with Chopin,” for their unwavering support toward Christians Against Poverty New Zealand. Alyssa takes great joy in successfully raised funds, covering two months’ of expenditure for the organization. Alyssa extends heartfelt thanks to everyone for their love, enthusiasm, and appreciation of her music and their role in helping those in need.

Alyssa Kok wishes to express gratitude to Aimee Mackey, Don Whelan, Gary Crooks, Magdalene Huang, Merilyn Warren, Michael Collins, and Viv Halliwell for their efforts and dedication in organizing and supporting the event.