Alyssa Kok Wins Special Prize Where Fryderyk Chopin Performed

POLAND, Antonin | 30 April, 2023 ~

Alyssa Kok participated in a prestigious tournament organized for foreign students studying in Poland, featuring two public recitals spread across two days. In this competition, the jury consisted of the audience themselves, and Alyssa became the favourite for her performance in the free program recital. Alyssa won the Special Prize for the free program in the 36th Tournament of Foreign Pianists, Prince Antoni Radziwiłł Prize. She was also gifted with an oil painting created by the painter Prof. Tadeusz Gaworzewski, depicting the legendary Hunting Palace of Antonin, Poland. The tournament took place at this historic location, which holds significance as the place where Fryderyk Chopin himself visited and performed between 1826 and 1829.