Alyssa Kok – Extraordinary Artist

ITALY, Barletta | 28 May 2023 ~ International Piano Festival 2023, Barletta, Italy

Alyssa Kok, the Singaporean pianist, received high acclaim during her recent piano recital in Barletta, Italy. She was lauded as an “Extraordinary Artist” by the Giuseppe Curci Culture and Music Association. Her performance that evening was met with resounding success, earning her encores and a standing ovation at the GOS Youth Open Space Urban Laboratory. ‘Extraordinary success, encores and standing ovation this evening for Alyssa Kok’s Piano Concert at the GOS Youth Open Space Urban Laboratory. The Singaporean pianist managed to engage and excite the entire audience present with her grandiose talent;’- Giuseppe Curci Culture and Music Association

Francesco Monopoli, the Artistic Director of the International Piano Festival 2023, enthusiastically praised Alyssa Kok’s recital as an overwhelming success, describing it as a program of remarkable intensity that captivated the audience. Monopoli added, “The performance was met with an enthusiastic response, prompting an encore and a well-deserved standing ovation.”

Rita Lamonaca, Director at Soundiff – Diffrazioni Sonore Soc. Coop, referred to her as a ‘great artist’.