Alyssa Kok Demonstrates Taste, Elegance, Fluidity of Phrasing, Clarity of Reading and Maturity of Interpretation

Italy, Treviso | 21 October 2019

At the International Piano Festival Città di Treviso, the exceptional young pianist, Alyssa Kok, mesmerized the crowd with her captivating performances of compositions by Bach, Chopin, and Schumann. Alyssa’s remarkable talent shines brightly, as she was chosen at the tender age of 12 to study at the renowned “Leopold-Mozart-Institute” for highly gifted students at the prestigious Mozarteum University in Salzburg, Austria. The artistic director, Michele Della Ventura, expressed “Alyssa Kok exhibits a remarkable blend of taste, elegance, fluidity in phrasing, clarity in interpretation, and an impressive maturity in her musical expression.” The event also featured an enlightening historical and musicological presentation by Paola Gallo, adding depth and context to the concert experience.