Young Chopin Interpreters Second Prize Went to Singaporean Pianist Alyssa Kok

Poland, Konin | 27 November 2017

Chairman and juror Katarzyna Popowa-Zydroń, impressed by Alyssa Kok’s captivating performances, remarked that her playing is always different and exhibits a remarkable sense of uniqueness. Consequently, she commented that Alyssa received a well-deserved second prize for her outstanding contributions. Waldemar Andrzejewski, another esteemed juror, extended his heartfelt congratulations to Alyssa, emphasizing the profound impact of his remark: “Chopin must have sent you to interpret his music. “

The XIV Nationwide Young Chopin Interpreters Konin Piano Festival holds a prominent and significant position in Poland as an annual piano competition that attracts talented young Polish pianists who often go on to make their mark on renowned international stages and competitions.